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AIRFIZZO ARTIST “RexxLifeRaj” from #BasedWorld Berkeley California

Official Video “FUCK IT” 

Let me know what you think .. i wanna hear from yall

NEW AIRFIZZO OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO “Ride Roun” off the mixtape release GAME1

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mimirells said: Hey first off I just wanna say u are still as fine as I remember!!!!! Now for my question is it hard for you to disassociate yourself from B2K and how are you handling that??

Thankyou and Thanks for asking , B2K was something i did as a hobby when i was younger like how some kids go to highschool and play sports or do boxing as a hobby, i chose to be in a performer.. Im handling it fine it was only a hobby lol  just something i did when i was young so it never really impacted me mentally it was just fun lol thankyou again - AIRFIZZO

wursparishilton said: You are sooooo sexy! Sorry had to get that off my chest lol

Thankyou - Airfizzo

riskylady said: yo baby, how was your birthday, do you feel any different?, when are you dropping the next video.

New Video Today Thankyou - AIRFIZZO

dopegirlkush said: Whats up with boog mixtape? are you guys still cool? and when can we expect more music from u. Game 1 is great

Boog is in the works of a great project and should have something out soon , Definitely still coo thats my nigga 100 , more music from me is coming new years day…

"The AIR" coming soon 

thankyou - AIRFIZZO

krystaldubose said: Random question, do u still have ur can chain (b2k memory)? Sigh the good ole days.


walkingholidaay said: when you were in b2k i used to look up a tons of facts about you and i was just wondering if to kill a mocking bird is really your favorite book?

No lol actually “Think and grow rich” is my favorite book by Napolean Hill thanks for asking cool question - AIRFIZZO

liiickmypersuasion said: This isn't a question but I'd love to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIZZO!!! I hope you have a blessed day no matter what you do! I've been a fan of you since the B2K days and will continue to be. I love your mixtape #Game1 stays on repeat you did your thing on that!!! I hope one day you can visit Australia we love you out here!.. #LoveYouFizzo! -Chevy

Thankyou Luv I appreciate it - AIRFIZZO